This wiki has been made by kids, for kids! Yes, like Kidz Bop. We'll have DIY games, book/movie reviews, and so much more! Our wiki was created by The Delgado Fam, a family of kids and teens who go through the same things as you. Lots of boredom. Our family includes:

  • The Twins | Keyeugh and Sabrina | 12 Years Old
  • The Joker | Jacob | 13 Years Old
  • The Boss | Connor | 8 Years Old
  • The Athlete | Mia | 10 Years Old

And don't you worry parents! This is a nice, profanity-free area, for kids to hang out. 

What Do We Do Here?Edit

  • DIYs
  • Games
  • Book Reviews
  • Movie Reviews
  • Blogs
  • Fun Quizes
  • And more!

Latest activityEdit

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